In the Community

BCM Construction is pleased to give back to the community we live in. We enjoy nurturing a number of lasting relationships, including the following:

Kate Wetmore PROJECT ADMINISTRATOR Meet our team

In the Community

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  • Lassen Camp

    Boy Scouts

    Lassen Camp

    Boy Scouts

    BCM appreciates the leadership and teamwork skills that the Boy Scouts teach our young community members.Our team has provided camp clean-up, concrete foundations, and new cabins.

  • Kiwanis Chico Community Observatory

    Kiwanis Chico Community Observatory

    BCM is excited to partner with an organization aimed at discovery and education. Our team has placed sidewalks and concrete observatory platforms.We look forward to each new project.

  • Team BCM

    Team BCM

    BCM employees lead a diverse and adventurous life.The BCM family enjoys annual BBQs at Lake Almanor, takes part in long distance running events, and summits mountain peaks. At regular meetings, our latest hunting excursions become a hot topic.